Sunday, April 22, 2012

Disneyland Hotel Room Service Fold Out Menu

The last of my menus :-(  This is a really weird one, but weird = = cool.  A Disneyland Hotel room service menu.  Now that in and of itself would not be that interesting, except for the format:  It is a penta-fold menu, folded 5 times accordion-style, making this thing huge at 15x27 fully unfolded!  I love the art of Goofy with winged feet delivering your meal.
I could probably date this better than 1960s or 1970s based on the list of other restaurants at the hotel, but I don't have any ready reference material to do it, so if anyone can date this for me, feel free!
The list of items available is quite impressive, I'd love to see bottles of Disneyland Hotel Label scotch, bourbon, gin, vodka and rum.  Bet there's no character art on those labels.
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