Saturday, December 24, 2016

Matt Wagner Grendel / Mage Custom Art from 1980s

I've recently been going through all my older comics and comic related art, sort of reliving my early 20s, and I came across this exceptionally cool piece done by Matt Wagner during the height of popularity of his Mage comic and Grendel backup stories.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Coro Advertising Postcard for Paramount Alice in Wonderland Jewelry

Way back in 1996 in the early years of the WWW, I found an image of this postcard while search for 1951 Alice in Wonderland Coro jewelry stuff.  Who knew they also did stuff for the '33 Paramount film?
I later found some of the jewelry, I'll save those for another post.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Albedo 0 - All the Printings

So I'm going through a pretty significant comic book geek period right now, and I decided I'd post my full set of Albedo #0 printings - I'm fortunate enough to have even the elusive 'gold' cover which only had a 50 copy print run.  Enjoy.
1st print first state - so-called 'gold' or 'yellow' cover, only 50 printed before SA decided it was not coming out the way he wanted.

1st print second state - same as above but with drawing board now without yellow.

1st print third state - colors inverted to make it look more like a true blueprint which is what SA was really going for anyway.

2nd print - same as first print but labeled 'second printing' inside

3rd print - ditto

4th print - reissued to look like the true 1st but with the newly added red price circle.