Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vernon Kilns Dinnerware Patterns Visual Guide

I used to have a separate web page dedicated to this, but that has long since gone away, so I thought I'd repost it here.  The visual guide to Vernon Kilns Fantasia dinnerware patterns.

There are two categories of patterns in the Fantasia line:  Border patterns & full plate patterns.  Within each category there are four named patterns.  Also in each category there are three full color accented patterns and one monochromatic pattern.  In each category there are three primary colors:  Brown, blue, and red.  In each category the monochromatic pattern has two colorways:  blue and red.

There are some tricks to remembering which pattern is which.  All the accented red patterns have 'ballet' in the name (Flower Ballet, Autumn Ballet).  All the monochromatic patterns are two words (Milkweed Dance, Dewdrop Fairies).

The breakdown is as follows.

Full Plate Patterns

Autumn BalletMilkweed Dance

Border Patterns

Flower BalletDewdrop Fairies

Monochromatic Patterns
Milkweed Dance

Dewdrop Fairies

The border patterns have one interesting variant as well; the fairy.  I'm not sure what percentage of plates were made with the fairy, but it has to be small because I've seen way more plain plates than those with a fairy.
Border Pattern Fairies
Flower BalletDewdrop Fairies

If you consider the two color variations, that make a total of ten patterns of Fantasia dishes.  That's a lot of patterns.  As a general rule, Fairyland is the rarest of them all, followed closely by all the monochromatic patterns.  The most common pattern seems to be Autumn Ballet, although serving pieces in ANY pattern are excessively rare.  A teapot or carafe is the holy grail for any pattern out there.  Also, it should be noted that the pattern shape differs between the two patterns; with the full plate pattern having the Montecito shape, and the border patterns having the Ultra shape.  The Ultra shape is cool in that all the various handles are upside down!

Happy hunting!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fantsia Vernon Kilns Collection Up For Sale on eBay

Time to let the collection go, my Fantasia dinnerware collection by Vernon Kilns.  Over 40 pieces will be posted to eBay over the next couple of weeks, get 'em while you can!