Saturday, June 25, 2016

Albedo 0 - All the Printings

So I'm going through a pretty significant comic book geek period right now, and I decided I'd post my full set of Albedo #0 printings - I'm fortunate enough to have even the elusive 'gold' cover which only had a 50 copy print run.  Enjoy.
1st print first state - so-called 'gold' or 'yellow' cover, only 50 printed before SA decided it was not coming out the way he wanted.

1st print second state - same as above but with drawing board now without yellow.

1st print third state - colors inverted to make it look more like a true blueprint which is what SA was really going for anyway.

2nd print - same as first print but labeled 'second printing' inside

3rd print - ditto

4th print - reissued to look like the true 1st but with the newly added red price circle.