Sunday, August 15, 2010

Disneyland Mermaid Tryout Photos - Summer 1966

If there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's pretty girls. Add to that pretty girls dressed as mermaids? Forget about it. Which is why I couldn't resist these photos taken during an audition for Disneyland Submarine Lagoon mermaids. Thanks to Don Ballard for identifying the season these photos were taken in (Summer 1966).

First up is a very nice group shot of 6 hopefuls, 5 sitting on the edge of the pool and one in it. I dig the oversized combs a couple of the girls are holding.

The photographer must have really liked this particular mermaid hopeful (who could blame him) as she is in 3 of 4 of these photos. I call her mermaid #1 since she is first on the left above.

Here we have another closeup of mermaid #1, this time she's looking more or less at the camera. Be still my heart.

And finally we have mermaid #3, sans tail. I you can drag your eyes away from her impressive cleavage, you will notice what looks like a nametag attached to her suit strap, probably her call number for auditioning in the pool.
These photos are very high quality, although these prints appear to be enlargements. For more pictures from this exact same day, you should head on over to Viewliner's blog, he has some color candid photos of this same group of girls. You can see mermaid #1 in photos two and three.