Sunday, April 22, 2012

1950s Walt Disney Studio Commissary Menu - Coffee Shop Temporary Menu

This is a strange one.  This is a small sized (6x9) menu for the studio coffee shop, but printed on the front is the phrase  Temporary Menu.  The cover features art of Donald and Goofy with a giant bowl of salad in blue line art, whereas all the previous menus had full color cover art.  Also, this is a high gloss paper stock, the first menu to feature that so far.
Inside and on the back, it is a very plain menu, with no other illustrations of any kind.  There is a mark inside that reads Lord Printing Co., L.A. -- Menus, the first time I've see that mark.  I guess the fact that it was a temporary menu is the reason for the lack of illustrations.  Perhaps the studio ran out of the regular menus, or was in the process of redesigning them and just needed something quick and dirty.  It is the only one of this type I have ever seen.
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