Sunday, April 22, 2012

1958 Walt Disney Studio Commissary Coffee Shop Menu

This is the last of the small sized (6x9) menus I have from the studio.  This features the same cover art as was on the Counter Service full sized menu from earlier in the series, although the art is a little less saturated in color - Mickey in particular looks a little pale.  This also uses the high gloss stock as we saw on the Temporary menu.
On this menu we see a return of the Fountain menu items on the back, and the interior art has some of the same elements as the counter service menu, just rearranged.  This is the first menu to feature any kind of date code, on the back as part of the Lord Menu Co. logo, there is the numeric code 1-58, which I take to mean January 1958.  The pricing also seems consistent with a 1950s menu.
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