Saturday, April 21, 2012

1960s Walt Disney Studios Commissary Restaurant Menu - Coral Room

Third of the large size menus from the studio restaurant, now dubbed the Coral Room, features the same cover illustration of Mickey ringing the dinner bell.  The paper stock has changed somewhat, whereas before it was a standard card stock, this menu feels like coated paper.  Not laminated, but with some sort of gloss coat.
Inside there are lots of changes as well, including new character line art featuring characters from Lady and the Tramp.  There are also spaces to include daily specials, although in this example that sheet has been unceremoniously removed.  Again, no art or menu items on the back of this one.
LA county taking us for 5% tax now, obviously a recent increase as it is a sticker applied to the menu (damn LA county), that means that this is probably early 1967 as the 5% tax rates dates from 1967-1972.

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Jim said...

Hi Matt! Thanks to your Facebook posts I just discovered your great new (new to me, anyhow) blog. Thank you for posting all this wonderful (if not necessarily Wonderland) stuff. Wanted to let you know that the Coral Room was actually the private dining room portion of the Disney Studio commissary (not the commissary itself). This is where Walt or Roy or one of the other executives would have lunch with a VIP (or even just each other, if they wanted). There were servers who took your orders at the table (as opposed to the cafeteria style of the commissary).