Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disneyland Armadillo Band Membership Card 1990

Man I loved these guys. It was the early 1990s and these 4 psychotics in band uniforms adorned with armadillo heads and claws would wander around the park making wisecracks and generally being dorks. Fantastic!

I particularly remember one day we were walking by Golden Horseshoe and the guys showed up. At the same time, four horseshoe girls in full regalia were headed back towards the Horseshoe, and the head armadillo said "Hey, look, Horseshoe girls!! Four of them, four of us", then much winking and nudging ensued, much to the total embarrassment of said horseshoe girls. Ah, memories.

Anyway, this is the card these bozos would hand out as they wandered through the park. I cherish mine.

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