Monday, February 22, 2010

Disney Goebel DIS 161 - Pluto Lamp

Pluto of DIS 149 as a lamp, photos courtesy of Galerie Laqua, purveyors of fine Disneyana and lots of other cool stuff. They have a great selection of Goebel figures as well as tons of other early Disneyana from Europe and around the world!

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Nadine said...

Hello Matt,

My mum gave me a while ago a pluto lamp and I was just search for the lamp on the Internet when I came across your post. This is my mum's lamp (just without the shade).

Apart from that galary contact (where you found the lamp), could you recommend any website where I could sell the lamp?

Its just laying in a corner and getting dusty, so I thought it would make more sense to sell it to a collector that values this rare piece more than I do.

Thank you!
nadine.mail (at)